Monday, July 18, 2011

A good Friend .

            We come across many people every day . Some of them become acquaintences , some maybe anoymous and some remain our friends . Friends come and go throughout our lives and each friendship is a unique relationship . There are many types of good friends but what are the characteristic of a good friends?
            A good friendis someone who brings out the best in us . They help us see our hidden potential . Theyalso points out our faults and praises our virtues . However , when we are wrong , they will tell us directly about it .
           We should be carefull when we choose friends . Friends who only come looking for us when they are in trouble are not true friends . Someone who is loyal , honest and patient is indeed a good friends  , as the saying goes ,  " A friends in need is a friend indeed" .
            A true friends is also some one whom we can rely on and trust with our secret . They is dependable and can give us good advice when we need it . In addition , we need someone to share our problems and misery . Sometimes , it is easier to open up to a friend than a family members.
            Friends should be treated with respect and love . Don't take our friends for granted . Without friends , we would be lonely  

                                      P/S : Nia copy dari exam paper nia ;D

          This is for you : Aku redha dgn kepergian kau . Tuhan lebih menyayangi kau drpd aku .                                
                                                                Kau kawan yg paling baik  :')

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